The real debit card for Bitcoin.

A plastic card enabling payments directly through the blockchain. Avoiding all the traditional fees.

Familiar & easy to use

There is nothing to learn with the BLEND card. You pay the same way as with your current debit card. It also supports NFC for touch payments. How cool is that?

Low fees

There are no card fees. Only standard Bitcoin transaction fees apply. Merchants don't get to pay card acceptance fees and exchange fees.


There is no fiddling with mobile phones and QR code scanning.


Transactions still happen through the Bitcoin blockchain. BLEND makes it easy for the merchant and wallet provider to communicate with eachother and requires zero effort from the user.

How it works in simple steps

Step 1: Receive a personalised card

Opt-in for a BLEND card at your online provider first. Ask them to support BLEND if they don't already.

Step 2: Use your card in retail stores

Use the card in participating retail stores. Only need to touch their payment terminal (or tablet solution) and optionally enter your PIN.

Step 3: Get notification of payment

You will also get notification of your payment from your wallet provider.

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